Week 1

Week 1Still Retreat
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There’s something powerful about intentionally seeking out the quiet--that space to just be with yourself and I think these days it’s hard for us to find solitude because we’re so bombarded by the internet and life in general. 


We lose a lot by not giving ourselves time and space alone. Careful and deliberate thinking—the kind we need to live a good full life, the kind we need to do meaningful work, the kind we need to actually thrive in the world, to see and enjoy the beauty around us—doesn’t come by accident. We have to intentionally carve out that space. 

In today's Treat Yourself, you'll practice unplugging and asking yourself "what do I want?" 

You'll find today's Treat Yourself in the audio track above. Remember to click 'completed' once you're done and share your thoughts in the forums. 


What is needed is, in the end, simply this: solitude, great inner solitude… But your solitude will be your home and haven even in the midst of very strange conditions, and from there you will discover all your paths