Self-Care Sessions

Abstract Waves

Learn how to feel comfortable in your skin

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Let go of expectations

Image by Olivier Guillard

Understand other people

Image by Ramiro Martinez

End with gratitude

Image by Ethan Hoover

Practice setting intentions

Image by Modern Affliction

Restore your perspective

Image by Matt Antonioli

Rewrite your limiting beliefs

You'll find our 7-day self-care program here.

Before You Begin

  1. Open your calendar (google, outlook, etc)

  2. Looking over your week, schedule 15min meetings each day for the next 7 days. 

  3. Title each meeting "Me time"

  4. Set the calendar to remind you each day when it's time to 'attend' the retreat. 

  5. Each day, stop by and click on one of the links below to be taken to that day's session. 

"Intent without follow-through is hollow. Disappoint yourself enough times and empty is how you feel. Make yourself proud. Fill yourself up. Show up.” 

-Gina Greenlee