Day 6

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Very often we stop ourselves from doing things because we’re scared. We’re scared of what people will think of us, how they will react. 

Other times, we stop ourselves because we have an image in our heads of what we can and cannot do. We grow up with a lot of narratives about what we can't do. And we often accept those narratives as if they were real. We let other people tell us what we can and cannot do. 

The only way to rewrite the limiting beliefs we walk around with, is to run towards the fear we associate with them. 

Today's Treat Yourself gives us a running start towards our fears by questioning the limiting beliefs we've created for ourselves. 

You'll find today's Treat Yourself in the audio file above. Remember to click 'completed' when you're done. 


So one should pass through this tiny fragment of time in tune with nature, and leave it gladly, as an olive might fall when ripe, blessing the earth which bore it and grateful to the tree which gave it growth.

Marcus Aurelius (Meditations, Book 4.48)