Day 4

Day 4Still
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It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by life. Deadlines, demanding toddlers, and the constant feeling of having to meet expectations. It almost feels that our lives are all there is and we might collapse under the weight of our problems.


And yet, consider that every single one of us is 1 of billions of people. Researchers estimate that 100 billion people have lived and died before we even existed. 


In today's Treat Yourself, we’ll practice getting some perspective on our place in the world, and freeing ourselves from overwhelm and anxiety into knowing that the tasks the universe has placed in front of us are ours to do with calm and peace. 

You'll find today's Treat Yourself in the audio file above. Remember to click the 'completed' button when you're done.


All is ephemeral, both memory and the object of memory.

Marcus Aurelius (Meditations, Book 4.35)