Day 1

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Day 1Still Retreat
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When we think about treating ourselves, we think about excess: buying things to make ourselves feel better. 


However, the simpler, purer version of that term is knowing how to be good to yourself, for your own benefit. This doesn't mean spending money on spa days, but rather knowing the simple things you can do to reconnect with yourself, balance your emotions, and feel better. The foundational knowledge of being good to yourself for yourself. 

Sometimes we’re waiting for other people to uplift us and tell us that we’re doing a great job or that we look great or that they appreciate us. But the world is a busy place and we can all be a little selfish. So we have to learn to appreciate ourselves. 

In today's Treat Yourself, you'll learn how to take some time to be present in your body. To really see yourself, and find appreciation for yourself. 

You'll find today's Treat Yourself in the audio file above. Remember to click 'completed' once you're done. 


No one can lose either the past or the future—how could anyone be deprived of what (s)he does not possess?
Marcus Aurelius (Meditations, Book 2.14)